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About the founder

My name is Hailee Dyer 

When I was young I joined the theater and it quickly became a love of mine. I realized that I wanted it to be a part of my life forever. I got the opportunity to be a part of student programs with the Wiley theater, compete in script writing competitions, and learn from my mentors.

I even joined a production company that taught us how to be both on the stage and an integral part of the crew.  I fell in love with all aspects of the theater. As a teen I also joined the Film Industry and began working as a film and commercial actress.

As I went off to college and began my career, I realized 2 things: 

First, There were students who were being pulled out of their extracurriculars - things like art, theater, music. The second thing I found was that as I ventured out to theaters outside of my programs, there was little to no diversity in age or race. Nor were there many stories being told about minority experiences, let alone modern stories that show the challenges of life we face today.

This is how I got to Applewood Productions. 

Applewood Productions provides the opportunity for independent artists to express their unique works in a safe and cultivated space. This is my goal and vision not only with Applewood Productions but with everything I give my Yes to. 

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Who is Applewood Productions

Applewood Productions is a film and theater production company based in  Dallas, Tx. We are focused on innovating artistic identities and expanding the Kingdom of Heaven through art and storytelling.


We focus on producing stories from independent artists or helping a business become more creative with their approach.

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